XML3D 5.1 Released

Today we released version 5.1! This release focused mainly on the loading of resources. We now have a system based on Promises and the new Fetch API that allowed us to improve the FormatHandler interface for writing custom mesh loaders, which is detailed in a new wiki article.

The new resource system also comes with a way to set custom HTTP headers for requests through our new onRequest interface. This can be useful if your models are password protected and require an Auth header, for example. Using the same interface you can also disable document caching for certain requests, change their priority or even cancel them altogether. This makes it much easier to control how your scene is loaded by XML3D.

Finally, you can now use the CSS z-index property to change the rendering order of objects in the scene regardless of how they’re positioned. We’ve created an example of the z-index property in action and as always the details can be found in our updated specification document.