xml3d.js 4.2 Release Announcement

With MeshLab data in JSON format, we show how xml3d.js can be extended by custom mesh loaders.
We are proud to announce the immediate release of xml3d.js 4.2.

The key features of xml3d.js 4.2 include:

  • Hardware accelerated object picking expanded to 16,7 mio objects
  • Emissive texture map support in diffuse and phong shader – demo
  • Specular map support in phong shader – demo
  • New mechanism for custom shaders – demo
  • Support of directional lights (finally) – demo
  • Support of external data resources in JSON format – demo
  • New mechanism to register loaders for external formats – demo

More demos a here.

Version 4.2 is the second public release on GitHub. We have 1242 tests now – compared to 987 for release 4.1 – and fixed many minor bugs. We integrated the basics for Xflow, which will be fully available in the next public release.