XML3D 5.0 Released

We reached our next milestone for XML3D, version 5.0! This version includes some general clean-up that was necessary after nine (!) subsequent 4.x releases with more and more features, but also includes changes motivated by great community feedback.

With 5.0 also comes a brand new specification slash API document that will be kept up to date from now on. Besides describing the API and structure of XML3D it contains many examples, notes and descriptions of the concepts that XML3D uses, such as the generic data model (Xflow) and CSS integration.

The 5.0 version of XML3D is not backwards compatible, meaning your existing scenes will need to be adapted to work with 5.0. We tried to ease the migration for you and created a migration script for Node.js that automates most of this as well as a list of breaking changes in our Github wiki.

As always the change log for this release can be found in our Github repository. The compiled scripts are already up at xml3d.org/xml3d/scripts and the xml3d-examples repository has been updated as well. New 5.0 versions of the Blender exporter and assimp2xml3d will be released in the coming days. The standard camera controller (tools/camera.js) has also been overhauled to be a little more useful and up to date.

That’s all for now!