Chromium XML3D updated

There is a new version of chromium-xml3d for Windows and Ubuntu available. Apart from several bugfixes (including XML3DRotation::toMatrix) the new version contains other changes, most notably:

  • Faster OpenGL rasterization on GPU (now it is the default)
  • Most recent changes from the original Chromium project

Due to some security constraints the browser needs to be run with disabled sandbox. Please use chrome.bat instead of chrome.exe. Also our OpenGL implementation currently doesn’t have shadows, or reflections support. Transparency is also only partially implemented. However, since the OpenGL version is much faster than ray-tracing we have decided to enable it by default anyway. To restore the previous ray-tracing functionality you can use the following undocumented flag on your scenes:

<xml3d renderer="rtpie"...

Remember that this is not part of the specification, but rather a temporary way to fix things. Also this flag can not be changed after the scene is displayed, so currently one cannot dynamically change between ray-tracing or rasterization.